Slowdive - holding our breath - PureSalem Guitars - Bow Down Upon Our Church of Acid Rock

1. Adriatic to Black Sea
2. Great Lake Derelict
3. Simple Forms
4. Cathedral Rings
5. 30 Degrees 3am
6. Branches on the Arrow Peak Revelation
7. Barrier Islands (Do We Remain)
8. North Star Ordination
9. Clearing Life

To me this is a smell of a cozy, knitted scarf. It smells warm, clean and comforting. This has to be one of the few, if not the only fragrance with a prominent melon note that I like. It has that ozonic/aquatic feel, which usually makes me queasy, but here it works so well. An unusual scent for me which recalls late winter, or early spring when I wear my warmest scarves. A fragrance which evolves best in winter's cold air.

As a life long Banshees fan, it’s great this is coming out. However, the group’s reissues have been reliant on Steve Severin pressing Universal for them over a number of years (with an on-off kind of relationship depending who was championing them or not at the label). The result seems to be a bit of a mish-mash. The Banshees in my opinion are one of the greatest and most consistantly creative artistic pop groups Britiain has ever produced cerainly in the 1970s-80s. I first saw them in November 1977 and Severin’s amp packed up and Siouxise was all in pancake white face and all-black clothing.

For a hot minute there, it looked like Hannibal was going to strangle the Roman republic in the cradle. But he never dealt the final blow. And it's endlessly fascinating to think how history would have turned out if he'd marched on Rome and conquered the city before it became the global power that it did.

Since their formation in Shimokitazawa in 1998, veterans Cruyff in the Bedroom have been a mainstay on the Japanese shoegaze scene. For them and innumerable others, Alan McGee’s Creation Records label was a gateway to the addictive joys of reverse reverb and the whammy bar. Their music reached western record companies, and these connections were strengthened by the internet, “especially through MySpace – the internet expanded our world,” says vocalist Hata Yusuke. The band remains captivated by the genre’s “ambiguous and beautiful sound” with its “feedback noise and sensitive melodies”.

Slowdive - Holding Our BreathSlowdive - Holding Our BreathSlowdive - Holding Our BreathSlowdive - Holding Our Breath