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Thus far this season The Originals is averaging 980,000 total viewers and a rating, up in audience versus Season 3 but down a tick in the demo (where it matches the recently axed Frequency and No Tomorrow and bests Reign and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend ).

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Fehlender Anfangstext:
Ja, Wir haben heute Aufnahmen, die alle bis auf 3, in Memphis entstanden.
Dabei möchte ich, wie schon vor 3 Wochen angekündigt, etwas näher auf Billy Lee Riley eingehen.
Billy Lee Riley wurde am 5. Oktober 1933 in Pocohontas in Arkansas geboren und er ist indianischer Abstammung.

The other reaction that caught our attention were the readers who questioned the letter’s authenticity. We had anticipated this, and had talked to Gerry Armstrong before we posted the text of the letter. It was Armstrong who had discovered the letter when he saved a huge cache of Hubbard documents from being destroyed in 1980. He had later been sued because he’d kept copies of some of those documents, but he was thoroughly vindicated in court. (At least he was vindicated in that case. We’ve written extensively about his other legal nightmares .) To this day, he and his wife Caroline Letkeman maintain extensive web archives of Hubbard’s documents, which is where we had found the text of the 1949 letter. Gerry told us he doesn’t have an image of the original document, but, he told us, “To my knowledge, the Scientologists have never challenged the letter’s authenticity. I had it when I was doing the biography project, and I have always believed that it is real.”

EC = Emilio Castillo
Doc = Stephen Kupka
GA = Greg Adams
MG = Mic Gillette
SM = Skip Mesquite
LP = Lenny Pickett
KB = Ken Balzell
MR = Marc Russo
LT = Lee Thornburg
MR = Marc Russo
RW = Rick Waychesko
MC = Mike Chicowicz
RE = Richard Elliot
BF = Brandon Fields
SG = Steve Grove
TT = Tom Timko
DM = David Mann
BC = Bill Chuchville
AC = Al Chez
BD = Barry Danielian
JS = John Scarpulla
JM = Jessie McGuire
NS = Norbert Stachel
DH = Don Harris
AA = Adolfo Acosta
MB = Mike Bogart
TP = Tom Politzer

Betty Davis - Ooh Yea / In The MeantimeBetty Davis - Ooh Yea / In The MeantimeBetty Davis - Ooh Yea / In The MeantimeBetty Davis - Ooh Yea / In The Meantime